Performer's Guide

How things work at WVFC events

Welcome! This page lets you, the performer, know how we like to work at WVFC, so you can feel at home and fit in. Hopefully it will answer any questions you have.

Bi-Monthly Music Sessions

WVFC host Bi-Monthly Music Sessions in the atmospheric Cellar Room at The Fisher Theatre, Bungay: The Fisher Theatre. The music starts at 8.00pm and performers should arrive by 7.45pm at the very latest.  Slots can be pre-booked via e-mail here. Events will often feature a longer showcase set from a specially invited guest performer.

What the WVFC offers performers

  • A friendly, listening audience and a supportive team of organisers

  • A small PA and personnel to help with set-up and sound

  • The opportunity to promote upcoming gigs, CDs, availability etc.

  • The chance to meet other performers and spectators on the local Folk & Roots scene

  • The chance to be considered for a showcase slot and/or support slot at the ‘WVFC Presents’ evenings and other events promoted by the WVFC

  • The chance for less-experienced performers to practise and hone their performance skills in a supportive environment

What the WVFC expects from performers

  • Arrive by 7:45 p.m.

  • A ‘short’ set at the Bi-Monthly Music Sessions is 15 or 20 minutes, depending on whether a 'showcase' performer is on the bill; this includes set-up time and chat between numbers. Plan your set in advance, including what you want to say between songs, and make sure you will not over-run your allotted time

  • Whilst the WVFC accepts and welcomes performers expressing views on a wide range of subjects, performances should not include offensive or abusive language/behaviour; sexist or racist banter is particularly discouraged

  • Be organised. A music stand is provided for music/song sheets, but please be familiar enough with your material to give a confident performance - an audience will be far more supportive of nervous performers than of those who are ill-prepared

  • Stay and support the other performers throughout the evening

We hope these guidelines will help both performers and audiences continue to enjoy evenings of great music and good company at the WVFC..

WVFC Presents

Our WVFC Presents nights provide a platform for specially invited artists to play to a paying, listening audience.

Special Events

There may also be opportunities for you to perform at other WVFC organised festivals and events. For dates of all events, see our Home Page and Events at a Glance page.

Our Musical Ethos

We want to embrace a broad range of music without straying too far from the central concept of Folk and Acoustic Roots. Close family therefore includes all varieties of Folk (Contemporary, Traditional, Celtic etc.) Folk Rock and Americana. Extended family might include popular ‘Singer Songwriter’, Reggae, Jazz, World, Indie etc.

Performance Space / Audience

For our regular Bi-Monthly Music Sessions and WVFC Presents nights we provide an ‘MC’ to host each event and generally a bar will be available. At festivals or other events, the venue and set up depends on circumstances.


For Bi-Monthly Music Sessions we provide a basic PA system including main speakers and two microphones. A total of 4 inputs is available, these may be for mic or instrument inputs. If a total of more than 4 inputs is required, or some special provision, please let us know in advance; we will try to meet your needs but cannot guarantee to cover all requirements. Someone will help you get set up and optimise your sound as you play. As one of our key aims is to promote ‘live’ music, we ask you not to use pre-recorded backing tracks. We welcome loop pedal tracks that are created as part of a live performance.

For WVFC Presents nights we provide the following:

  • Mounted main speakers

  • monitor speaker

  • mixing desk and friendly sound engineer

  • 2 microphones

  • 2 instrument lines

  • plenty of power sockets

  • 1 music stand with light

If additional inputs are required, or some special provision, please let us know in advance; we will try to meet your needs but cannot guarantee to cover all requirements.

WVFC Presents booked ‘headline’ artists who wish to provide their own sound equipment and/or technical personnel should negotiate this in advance as part of the contracted or agreed conditions.

You are welcome to use foot pedals / pre-amp equipment on the basis that we plug our cable into it and you use your own cable to connect to your instrument.

We are happy to accommodate keyboards, preferably using a ‘line out’ facility so that we can balance the sound through the mixing desk.

For reasons of space, complexity, time and sound balance, we ask you not to bring your own guitar amplifier. The exception might be if you want to use a small amplifier to shape your sound before sending it via a ‘line out’ to the mixing desk. (This should be one instrument or voice only and not a blend of the two).

Electric bass amplifiers can be accommodated as an alternative to routing a bass through the provided sound system, but we reserve the right to request that amplified bass volume is kept at a reasonable level for the overall sound mix.

Controllable reverb is available via the mixing desk on voice and instruments.


If you need to cancel your agreed performance at any event, we naturally ask that you give as much notice as possible; preferably several weeks/days but, in the event of last minute emergencies, we ask you to reach us as soon as you can. See Contact Us page for contact details.


Expenses or fees are not paid to performers for Bi-Monthly Music Sessions. Expenses and fees for WVFC Presents performers is by prior agreement.

Self promotion

We are happy to display any promotional literature you have and you are welcome to promote/sell any CDs you have for sale.

Thank you!

We really appreciate your involvement in our events and we hope we have a worthwhile and successful partnership. We are all helping to keep local music alive and kicking!

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